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Providing Solutions to Behavior and Training Problems

for Over 40 years.

Keep in mind that each workshop is tailored to YOU and the others attending with you. Some may want to add training games for Nose Work, beginning agility, playing with your dog, beginning Rally, and lots of other options. 

Some may want to learn massage for their dogs or just new ways to play; just tell me when we talk and we'll make it work. 

Fortunately most people have the following things they want

House manners
Company manners
Leash manners
Tons of fun!
Training games
Options include learning dog massage, nutrition consultations, tricks and more

A weekend retreat for you and your dog to work on the important things -

Like RELAXING with your dog in a whole new way.

We'll spend a whole weekend working on getting what you need from your dog.

Think no way? Your dog would embarrass you?

What do you think everyone else reading this is thinking? 

......   that's what the weekend is for!!

YOUR confidence, 

Your calm, 

Your fun, 

So what your pup learns this weekend will stay with him forever.

Weekend Retreat Workshops