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*What is a Troubled dog?

Dogs that are just so busy or frightened to pay attention to you. Dogs that are defensive or pull on the leash to get to other dogs either because they're afraid, defensive, aggressive, or SUPER friendly and frustrated.


Leash Aggression  *Squirrel Obsession  *Fear of Life *Fear at the Vet  *Dashing from side to side on leash, not caring

at all that you're there  

*Sniffing EVERYTHING  *Short Attention Span  *AGGRESSIVE toward other dogs *Chasing bikes, scooters, skateboards...

*Easily provoked by kids or people...

This is not fun for ANYONE! I WILL HELP. You'll have me 24/7

(*limited to specific programs)

Is your dog Troubled (or TROUBLE!)?

They come in all shapes and sizes and troubled behaviors are not always what they seem...

You'd love to be able to take your dog for a walk without the dread. 

You find yourself not taking him out as much because it's such a struggle. And so embarrassing.

Not having people in because he's rude and you even have to "put him up" when people are over.

You know it should be more fun! You know because you see it with other people's dogs.

You need help.
(see below for troubled dog behaviors that WILL BE FIXED)

I GET IT!! And I can DEFINITELY help.

I've worked out a program that incorporates Turn and Tuck (my take on Turn and Face) into a variety of long proven techniques to empower the owner who can then enjoy the kind of behavior they've always wanted.

For 40+ years I've been working with people having this kind of trouble and I can't tell you how THRILLED I am to have developed a program that works.

Dramatically, Fast, and with lasting results.

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