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No big deal...  it's just winter right?

It's sure a big deal to a dog - especially a young

one. Lots of things  come with winter - from

weather changes to holiday traditions,

it only happens once a year.

Your dog may need to potty in the rain for almost

the first time; and maybe for more than a day!

There may be thunderstorms.

There may be blizzards and you have to cut a potty place or get them to potty in the garage...

There will almost certainly be company. And new things like a tree in the house (that's not to be peed on!) with BALLS on it. AND boxes under it! 

There will likely be company in the house

instead of outside grilling. And they'll

have whole new kinds of amazing smelling

food on the tables and counters.

There might be screaming and yelling

at sports on tv with no one paying

attention to the food on the counters and tv.

They probably won't get to use the dog door as much because of rain and mud and snow.

There will be all kinds of changes.

Super important to anticipate and prepare your pup for all of them.

Teach keeping all 4 feet on the ground around counters and people.

Maybe get a practice tree and get your pup used to it gradually if you have a fearful dog.

Teach your ball crazy dog when a ball is off limits.

Take your pup on leash to a different place than where they're used to pottying first thing in the morning when they're REALLY wanting to potty (close the dog door at night if you have one) so they get used to pottying on leash.

Take an umbrella with you if that'll be part of your winter experience.

Teach your pup that food is only his when it's given to him... not when it's on the counter...

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