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Providing Solutions to Behavior and Training Problems

for Over 40 years.

Lauren Manduke Reibstein
Trisha is the best trainer ever! My dog took 4 classes with her, and would not be the dog she is today without them. Trish's approach focuses on training the owner as well as the dog. For more info, contact Lauren at

Dr. Jill Mellick,
Professor Emerita, Clinical Psychologist
Trish is that rarest of creatures: she combines instinctive wisdom, wide experience, and uncanny skills. She is equally skilled at reading human and dog behavior. She has a quick, deep, astute, nonjudgmental sense of situations. She invents simple, effective ways to inspire humans and dogs to be their best selves.  She understands the uniqueness of breeds, dogs, and people, and draws on strengths to transform lesser sides. Unlike other trainers, Trish develops training solutions that work for the people and situation. They are not cookie cutter. And unlike many trainers who can elicit perfect behavior from a dog in their presence, Trish’s ideas for each situation work even when she is not around!
I’ve worked with many trainers, all good. As an educator and psychologist, I’m fussy. Trish is the finest (and funniest!). She is brilliant, relaxed, 100% engaged and committed, curious, and in love with her work. She does not give up. She follows through.  I now consult with her long distance; her observations and suggestions are just as effective as when we lived close by so I’ve almost forgiven her for moving.

Kayla Hardin 
Trish is a great trainer. I have worked with her on a few training issues with my dogs as well as other dogs and she has helped to improve their lives. One of the many things that puts Trish above other trainers is that she is knowledgeable when it comes to the best way to modify your dog's behavior. She is able to tailor her training methods to fit the dog and the owner that she is working with. This ability is what makes her not only a good trainer, but a great one. I would highly recommend that anyone who is able to learn from her do so.

Amy Atkinson
Rather than MAKING your dog do something they don't want, Trish shows you, how to get your dog to behave the way you want because he WANTS to. There is a big difference between the two methods, and with consistency and humor, Trish makes it fun for everyone. My dog would literally be squealing as we drove to class, he was so excited. I learned so much about dog behavior from Trish, that I'm able to figure out what he's doing on my own. Though I moved away from the area, I still call her when I'm stumped on what to do, because I can't find a trainer I like as well. I cannot recommend her highly enough

Oscar the Pooch  
This one requires a bit of background; Oscar's mom is a runner and had been running 10+ miles with him, listening to her iPod until he has the stamina of a marathon runner (which his mom is!) but he was B.O.R.E.D. and got into trouble because his brain didn't have any work.

After working with his mom on the phone, this is what he had to say (his mom tells me): 

Did you know that those things mom always has in her ears when she runs are so someone can tell her a story so she won't get bored?! I thought people just didn't get bored on runs like I do... But they do (!) and that's why Mom listens to stories. She talked to Trish the Trainer about the fight I had on Weds, and she told Mom that I needed more mental stimulation than always running in a straight line all the time. I'm not a ball dog, so a tennis career is out of the question. Instead, mom and I went down to the school and ran in the shape of every letter of the alphabet. In between letters, I had to sit super still while she threw the ball for my sister (she's gaga for balls, I don't get it). Funnest run ever! I had this dumb grin on my face the whole time. Mom says I'm lucky she loves me, because her average speed really went in the garbage. But I think she really had fun too, because she didn't even need her stories in her ears...
-Oscar the Pooch

Julie C. Bond M.S. Certified Animal Behaviorist
As a certified animal behaviorist, I have had countless opportunities to work with Trish Wamsat. I have confidently referred many clients to her for help with dog training issues. Trish is competent, knowledgeable, and straightforward in her approach. I would give her my highest recommendation. Her excellent track record in the San Francisco Bay Area speaks for itself.

Dulce Finegold 
Our dog had a lot of social anxiety as a puppy and needed a lot of work.  Trish was always there for us.  She was very responsive.  We often called her or texted her to get help and advice on our dog.  We maintained this relationship for years.  She was really good because she always got right to the point and wasn't afraid to tell us if we were doing something wrong in the training (which we often were).  She was very loving with the dogs and seemed to understand them really well. 

MJ Lee
I recently bought a body collar for Liam Lee. I was just looking online to check out the instructions when I noticed that it said you were the inventor!! I knew then and there that it would be a great product, bc Liam Lee would not be who he is today w/o you. The body collar works so well (even tho Liam Lee is perfect and only pulls sometimes lol). YOU ARE THE BEST! Who would have thought that almost 10 years after training Liam Lee to be the perfect son to me, you would continue to have this impact. We love you and you are the best! For anyone looking for a dog trainer, you'd be dumb as hell to choose anyone other than Trish Wamsat!!!

Trisha Halloran Krokel
Trish is the BEST trainer I have ever met! I took my little English Toy Spaniel Olivia to her class in 2011 - Olivia was VERY scared of all dogs & even some people. But not of Trish! She recognized a gentle kindred spirit right away. Olivia hid under the big table in the classroom, Trish said ".. Just leave her be, she will come out when she is ready" Well it took a couple of weeks but Olivia finally did come out from under the table!! She slowly joined in the class activities & within 6 weeks she was having FUN! Learning how to do things, Trish taught me how to "talk to Olivia" too! Olivia needed to have eye surgery & I was very scared but Trish comforted both of us, & helped me see this was the best thing to do! Her strength got me thru so many scarey things with my puppy! She changed my life & Olivia's for the better! We miss Trish very much - all her knowledge & caring will never be forgotten! I still go to the Adobe Dog School & Olivia still loves it - I think she is always hoping Trish will be in the class!! We miss her very much!