Providing Solutions to Behavior and Training Problems

for Over 40 years.

You've probably heard of it already; that may even be why you're here.

It's an amazing way to help reactive dogs (see the RAFT program page) in a way we never could before.

I don't know the why's but I have seen it work over and over and over again. I've seen owners cry because of the way their dog and life has changed.

I've seen the difference it makes in a trainer's business and bottom line aside from the bottom line of REALLY helping dogs and people.

Think you want to help reactive dogs?

Call me, let me answer some of the questions you can't get answered in a FB group.

It really works. ‚ÄčCrazy, but it does.

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Turn and Face. Turn and Tuck. TAF. Whatever you call it.

My clients decided that calling it Turn and Face made it seem more confrontational than it is. They liked Turn and Tuck because, really you're "tucking your dog in" to a calm and safe place.