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Providing Solutions to Behavior and Training Problems

for Over 40 years.

With the RAFT program you never handle the dog; the owner creates the change so working with the owner and her emotions, breathing, posture, confidence and trust are key. 

Let me say it again...  you never handle the dog. You don't get yanked. You don't use your shoulders or knees or back. You stay safe and uninjured.

Raft Programs are available throughout the country.

Programs are available in seminar format or one on one for a group of your clients and you.

You'll learn how to get and keep the clients who need you most.

WHO is the right fit for the RAFT program.

How to charge what the program is worth.

How to read the client, dog and environment in the first few minutes.

How to TEACH the client

to understand their balance both physical and mental are critical to the change they will bring about for with their dog. 

How to rethink everything they thought was true about walking their dog.

How to now look for triggers because it's FUN, not because they'll need to run away.

How to work with their newly happy dog!

*You'll to retain these clients by including them in activities that they've never been able to comfortably take part in.

How to teach the actual technique of TAF ( turn and face ) within the RAFT program and incorporate it into a complete "makeover" for dog and owner.

You'll have access to instructional videos from previous group programs and individual dogs/owners.

Support in all aspects of running your own RAFT program including making it your own.