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​​​Puppy being bad?
(edit – 9/2017
Yes, I did it again… I left a puppy unsupervised for too long. Yep,

it happens to the pro’s sometimes too. The story is about Fin in

2002 but the picture is of Goose in 2012. In my defense! There

have been a lot of puppies come and gone since Fin, none have

done anything worse than the cable, so yeah, I guess I have

learned a little…. )

Preventing Disaster
Recently, I lost my entire homepage due to a small disaster named Fin. Fin is a puppy I ran into in a parking lot and couldn't say, "No" to the $50.00 price tag. He's adorable and very, very smart and possibly the toughest puppy I've ever raised. He is also going to end up being one of the best, most honest, and loving dogs I've ever had the pleasure of meeting... but that's in his future; right now we have to deal with the "bad dog!" issue. How, you may ask, could something as small and cute as Fin cause the demise of my witty and compelling homepage??? Well the answers are scattered throughout the website and harped on (yes, harped on) in all of my Puppy classes.

1. Set your puppy up for success. They are BABIES and need to be protected from themselves, so PUPPY PROOF your home!

2. Confinement and supervision. This does not mean assuming that the
puppy curled quietly at your feet while you work on your witty and compelling homepage is actually curled quietly at your feet and not chewing on something he shouldn't be.

3. The crate is your friend and can help set your puppy up

for success (see #1) and can help supervise your puppy

when you're busy. Did I mention confinement and supervision?

​​ 4. Puppies are BABIES and cannot be trusted to demonstrate the same behavior today, as they did yesterday; if you're too busy to actually
INTERACT with your puppy, he should be in a crate, where he (and your witty and compelling homepage) is safe and cannot do anything that might be perceived as "bad".

5. If your puppy does something "bad" you should get the heaviest newspaper you can find, roll it tightly and proceed to the nearest mirror, where you should commence beating yourself over the head with the tightly rolled newspaper scolding, "Bad owner! Bad, Bad Owner!"

Because, you see, it is NEVER the puppy's fault. It can't be. They simply do not know that the big, black, chewy thing on the back of the computer is attached to the monitor you are so deeply in thought about.....

They simply do not know that chewing on that big, black, chewie on the back of the computer will result in cries of surprise, then wonder, then Mom doing something weird with a newspaper and a mirror.

As you read this website (if you still think you might give me a chance), keep in mind that life happens with a puppy in the house. None of us are perfect and we can only do what we can do.
By Trish Wamsat
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