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Thinking about a new puppy? 

Worried about your decision?

Good news...  now you have someone to advise and advocate for you (and tell you NO if you get carried away!).

I can definitely help with this; it's what I've done for decades! Annnd... After all, I wrote the book on it!

A rescue? (karma points for sure but if it's a puppy that's a really bad match for your family it could definitely backfire - how will you know?)

A purebred? (people will pick on you because you didn't "rescue" but this is often a really great choice if you want or need your best chance of knowing what the pup will be as an adult.)

A "designer dog"? (they're super cute! Lot's of them around but you've noticed that some are very different from others and they still come from a BREEDER.)

How about an adult dog? (from a breeder or a shelter or rescue? lots of VERY different temperaments...  make sure you get one that is right for you; bad matches are heartbreaking.)

Aren't Breeders evil?

Aren't purebred dogs unhealthy?

Aren't mixed breeds healthier?

Aren't all "rescues" good if only they get enough love?

Can a dog be dangerous to my family? (yes)


This is a BIG decision! Not one to be made walking past cages of dogs at a "rescue event" (face it, you would have already done it if it was that easy, right?).

You can have expert help deciding what you and your family need in a dog and how to get exactly what you need to have the life you imagine.‚Äč


Call me! Let's talk. Or text to say Hi....  (803) 574-3647 

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You love that puppy! The kids love her! 

But the jumping, the biting, the chewing, the POTTY.

Everyone talks about socializing her but even you can barely be around her without getting all scratched up, how do you go out and expose other people to that??

Getting to class should be a priority, you know it.

So....  what if you could do it without going?

What if you could stop that biting?

Stop her from jumping all over everyone?

Know that there's a right way and a wrong way to feed her?

How much exercise and when??

When is exercise your enemy?

What if your puppy learned faster, was better socialized and better behaved than any puppy in a class?

What if you could have all of the benefits of class without the pressure of getting there?

What if you could do it on your schedule?

From your home?

With you and your kids gathered around the screen WHEN YOU CAN BE RELAXED watching the lessons live online.

Sharing stories with the other students, just like in a class but without the chaos?


ohhhh, you betcha!

It's amazing what I can teach you online.

42 years of training thousands of dogs and many thousands of the people who came with them has made me realize that in today's society, dogs benefit when their people relax.

And you can't relax because you know you should be doing something.

So. What'll it be? More time waiting, watching and feeling awful or a fun, relaxing, online class where your trainer is YOURS.