​​​​Your Dog's Bad Manners and 

CRAZY Behavior

Are more than annoying, they can be dangerous to him and others.

Stop waiting for slow and ineffective training methods to kick in - You know there's got to be a better way.

Get on the phone and start on your three steps to success.


Personal Lessons,

Online Courses

Unlimited Followup Support

and even 

All Inclusive 

Weekend Workshops

Providing Behavior Modification and the best dog training programs with LIFETIME follow up support to people all over the USA.

Introducing  Turn and Face (TAF) and R.A.F.T. (Reactive/Aggressive/Fearful/Troubled) Dog programs 

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Time is tight ... 

​You have a dog you love. You work hard, your kids work hard - everyone's busy with work and school and sports and you all have to be everywhere all the time. 

Frustration, guilt and even embarrassment are common themes in the lives of dog owners today. Dogs pull on the leash, jump on people, steal things, bark at dogs and people on walks and you are bombarded with advice.

You try a little of everything and nothing works; meanwhile, your pup becomes troubled...  It's just not right! People like you SHOULD have a dog that's well behaved.

As a Dog Behavior Modification Specialist and People Trainer for over 40 years I know how fast you need results and I know you need them to last. Home Schooled Hounds specially designed dog training courses are effective, fast and lasting.

I'm in this for the long haul with you. Once I've accepted you as a client in one of the dog training programs I'm yours for life; unlimited support for the life of your dog.

(obviously if we're going to work together for that long we have to make sure we like each other! We'll have to have a phone chat to match you with the best dog training programs for you and your dog.)

Immerse yourself in training for a productive, relaxing, fun weekend with dog training programs YOU choose. 

Providing Solutions to Behavior and Training Problems

for Over 40 years.